Medaca Is At The Forefront Of Telepsychiatry


Canada has a serious shortage of psychiatrists which is likely to worsen, as demand for treatment grows and supply declines.1 Telepsychiatry is an innovative solution for providing greater and faster access to much needed mental healthcare. It expands access in a world where awareness, self-identification, diagnosis and detection of mental illness is increasing demand for services every day. “Eighty-one per cent [of Canadians] are more aware of mental health issues compared to five years ago”, according to a 2015 study.2

Although one in five Canadians are likely to experience mental health issues3, access to psychiatrists, the only medical specialists trained to treat mental illness, has not kept pace. Currently in Canada, fifty per cent of psychiatrists are over 55; only four per cent are under 35.4 While accurate data on wait times are not available on a national basis, 55% of family doctors rank access to psychiatrists from fair to poor…

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