Who We Are

We are one of Canada’s leading treatment services provider for workplace mental health. We have the country’s top network of workplace psychiatrists and psychotherapists, trained to provide focused assessments and treatment plans that help an employee recover and return to work.

Our treatment is not just words on paper. It happens. Our specialists consult directly with the employee’s family physician to ensure the treatment is discussed and activated quickly.

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What We Do

Employee absences due to mental health are a common challenge for employers. The traditional treatment path for mental illness is slow and unpredictable. Delayed treatment not only results in significantly greater costs and extended disruptions for the workplace—it means a valued employee suffers much longer than necessary.

This is why we created our Medaca TeamCare™ model —a collaborative, revolutionary approach to managing and treating mental illness.

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How It Works


Supporting employees with best-in-class

In the workplace Employees may self-identify as requiring mental health support to their employer. With the permission of the employee, we can intervene.


Early & effective treatment

We see employees while they are still at work or in the early stages of absence or disability. Employees gain prompt access to mental health treatment through top psychiatrists & psychotherapists in just 9 business days. Traditional wait times for psychiatrists without Medaca are 6-12 months.


Coordinate treatment & see it through

Medaca psychiatrists & psychotherapists work with the family physician to confirm appropriate treatment and, work together with the insurer and employer. This keeps an employee healthy and productive on the job or helps those absent recover and return to work quickly.


Our Results

Supporting employees with early access to psychiatrists and effective treatment has proven to save our clients over $5 million in DLR & Direct Disability Cost Savings per 100 referrals.

We’ve reduced claim duration by 28% and increased claims resolutions by 18% during COVID-19. With Medaca on-board, 86% of employees return to work before moving to long-term disability.

This doesn’t include reduction in costs related to presenteeism, absenteeism and loss of productivity in the workplace.

And remember, disability is not simply about cost. It’s about organizational performance and profitability. Thirty-one percent of employers today say mental health is having a severe or significant impact on profitability in the COVID era.¹

¹The Hartford Insurance, June 2021


“You are all a wonderful group: very organized, thorough, polite, and professional. By far the best assessment company I have ever known!”
Client Case Manager
“I am very appreciative of the psychiatric assessment. The medication provided through the report has decreased my symptoms and I am doing much better now.”
“Thank you very much for the final report. It is very complete and everything is very well explained.“
Family Physician
“This was an excellent follow up and assessment I appreciate your assessment and detailed treatment suggestions”
Family Physician
“I am very interested in the treatment options discussed and felt that the whole process was amazing.”
Family Physician
“The reviews have been excellent and treatment recommendations have great detail. This has made it clear for me to implement next steps with treatment.”
Family Physician
“Thank you for your thorough assessment and recent follow up. I am open to further recommendations and strategies for dealing with the patient’s treatment resistant depression.”
Family Physician
“I have spoken with Dr__ on 2 occasions. He was very helpful and I feel I can contact him anytime.”
Family Physician
“The report was a precious help to me. Thank you!”
Family Physician
“The patient is feeling hopeful and is pleased. He is very keen to follow up on counselling.”
Family Physician
“Thank you for the timely information and getting the patient seen quickly”
Family Physician
“A wonderful conversation with a very enthusiastic Family Physician who asked many relevant questions about this complicated case. She will focus her attention towards the Bipolar management of her case.”
Client Case Manager
“This is my first experience using Medaca, and it has been very positive. Thank you all for being so prompt with responses and getting the clients the help they need in a timely manner.”
Client Case Manager
“This is just one example on how Medaca can significantly decrease claim durations. I just wanted to share this because this claimant was really having a hard time with the daily symptoms, wanted to go back to work, but was unable to and Medaca was able to change that very quickly, so we thank you.”
Client Case Manager
“Can I please see Dr__ again? He was so nice and wonderful to talk too. I feel tired and overwhelmed but glad I talked with him. I would love another session with him”