Our Story

The Medaca story begins in 2005 in the early stages of the workplace mental health crisis in Canada. Dr. Richard Guscott, a leading Canadian psychiatrist and Chris Anderson, a bank executive and global thought leader on mental health, developed a unique early intervention model called TeamCare to help employees in the early stages of absence with a mental illness.

The service was in high demand as long wait times and ineffective treatment was leading to lengthy illnesses and prolonged absences for employees. With the goal of early return to health and work, Medaca focused on creating a model focused on providing fast, world-class access to psychiatrists in a country with traditional wait times of 6-12 months.

Medaca soon attracted a wide range of clients from private and public sector employers to insurers and third-party administrators. It grew from two psychiatrists to an extensive national network of top psychiatrists today.

Workplace mental illness has reached a crisis stage and is the costliest employee disability Canadian employers have ever faced. Estimates place the current annual cost of workplace mental illness at $20 billion. These costs will continue to rise with increased mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medaca is now called on to conduct a wide range of treatment services to help employees stay at work or reduce their absence.

Our Services

Medaca offers a range of services to help employees receive treatment at different stages of a mental illness.
Under the TeamCare brand, there are a range of treatment options that provide employers and insurers with early diagnosis and treatment for employees.


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