Workplace health through

a team of specialists and family physicians

Medaca Health Group helps employers and insurers get early access to specialized treatment for employees at work or absent with a mental illness. World-class access to a national network of top psychiatrists ensures employees receive the best care available in the Canadian marketplace. Communication with the employee’s family physician ensures treatment is implemented quickly.  The result is return to health and work.

Once employees leave work with a mental disorder, a timely return is anything but assured. Diagnosis must be accurate and treatment prompt.  Delays in treatment worsen the illness, making it harder to treat.  This results in presenteeism, delays in return to work and increased costs.  But there is good news.   Most workplace mental illnesses are highly treatable if they receive specialist attention early.

The demand for Medaca’s services has grown rapidly since it opened for business in 2005.  That’s because workplace mental illness has reached a crisis stage.  Today, it is the costliest employee disability Canadian employers have ever faced. Estimates place the current annual cost of workplace mental illness at $20 billion. These costs continue to rise. For employers, the impact on productivity and presenteeism has become a debilitating issue with a direct impact on organizational performance and costs. The impact is no less serious for those absent from the workplace. Between 30 and 60 per cent of all insurance disability claims relate to mental illnesses.


Medaca has a proven track record in helping employers and insurers support employees with mental illnesses. Employees recover early, enabling return to work and productivity.

In 2005, Medaca introduced its flagship TeamCare™ service, an acclaimed, innovative system for delivering best practice mental health care.  The service is delivered through national network of top psychiatrists, who team up with family physicians to see employees early and deliver effective treatment.

Medaca emphasizes outcomes – employees stay at work or, for those absent, have a productive return to the workplace.  Close to 90 per cent of employees return to work before moving to long-term disability.

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–Chris Anderson, President

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  • Canada/UK Task Force on Children's Mental Health
  • Global Business and Economic Round Table on Addiction and Mental Health
  • In February 2005, Medaca, together with Senator Michael Kirby, convened an international summit on children's mental health.
  • Medaca utilizes the Rand Corporation's Partners-in-Care program as a key resource for its Canadian Primary Care Network.