The Medaca story begins in 2005 in the early stages of the workplace mental health crisis in Canada. Dr. Richard Guscott, a leading Canadian psychiatrist and Chris Anderson, a bank executive, developed a unique early intervention model to help employees in the early stages of absence with a mental illness.

The service was in high demand as long wait times and ineffective treatment was leading to lengthy illnesses and prolonged absences for employees. With the goal of early return to health and work, the model focused on providing world-class access to psychiatrists in a country with wait times of 6-12 months. It also pioneered a collaborative approach with direct communication by the psychiatrist to the family physician to ensure prompt and effective treatment. At the time, family physicians were being called on to diagnose and treat the vast majority of mental health cases. They were overwhelmed and uncertain about complex psychiatric diagnoses and treatment and were grateful for the psychiatric back-up Medaca offered. This remains the case today.

In 2009, Medaca teamed up with the University of Toronto and CAMH to research the impact of early intervention on employee disability. The results were groundbreaking, with Medaca’s early intervention model resulting in major reductions in duration of illnesses and decreased incidence of long-term disability claims due to mental illness.

Medaca soon attracted a wide range of clients from private and public sector employers to insurers and third-party administrators.  It grew from two psychiatrists in 2005 to an extensive national network of top psychiatrists today.



Medaca Milestones

Idea for Medaca 2003
Medaca incorporation 2005
Medaca signs first contract 2006
Dr. Guscott and Chris Anderson named as senior advisors to the Economic and Business Roundtable on Workplace Mental Health 2006
Dr. Guscott and Chris Anderson chair a roundtable on childrens’ mental health. Information from the roundtable used it inform Senate Committee report on mental health in Canada 2006
Dr. Guscott and Chris Anderson are founding members of Canada/UK Task Force on Childrens' Mental Health. Visit Cambridge University to study the UK childrens' mental health system 2007
U of T, CAMH study shows groundbreaking results for Medaca 2009
Medaca signs first contract with major Canadian insurer 2011
Medaca signs first telepsychiatry contract with major power industry client 2012
Medaca appears as best practice example at Disability Management Employer Coalition conference (DMEC is the top disability association in the United States) in Atlanta 2013
Medaca appears as best practice example at the Benefits Canada annual Pension and Benefits summit in Toronto 2014
Medaca launches its TeamCare suite of products, including services for employees still on the job, first responders and early LTD claimants 2016
Medaca appears as best practice example at the Workplace Health Association of Australia (WHAA) national conference in Brisbane, Australia 2016